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Boaz Aharonovitch is an Israeli artist. He was born in Tel Aviv in 1970 and currently lives and works there. He studied photography at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Aside from solo exhibits in Israel, his work has been shown in various international group shows in Japan and the United States. He has received the Israeli Ministry of Culture's Creative Support Prize as well as the Sharett Scholarship Program.

Aharonovitch's large-scale works are frequently the result of a complicated and thorough examination of the photographic medium's limits. His works emerge from daily routines and long-term endeavors such as "building a garden for an unknown lover" or many layers of pictures. Aharonovitch combines historical imagery with his own material to create pieces that are both realistic and abstract in their intricacies. His work is centered on issues such as the boundaries of photography, the impossibility of capturing time, and questions about our obsession with photographs, such as whether we actively participate in examining images or if we are largely occupied by them.

Boaz Aharonovitc

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