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Gilad is the 26th artist to stay at the hotel.
Gilad is an Israeli photographer and artist, a lecturer at Bezalel and Shankar, lives and works in Tel Aviv. He uses photography as an analytical-critical tool, which helps in examining the relation to the history and memory of a place, through which he examines developments of environment and space, architectural and urban developments, and the accelerated fading of the open landscape. In the 'Necropolis' project, he documented and pointed out the large presence and place of military remains, buildings, and war tools in the perception of the Israeli landscape. In recent years, Ofir has developed a new course through which he also expands to post-medieval work, materials and mixed techniques, and photography, understanding that the contemporary, complex and demanding image culture enables the development of a new visual language.
Gilad was recognized for his conceptual and critical work, and often exhibits in galleries and museums, in solo and group exhibitions. His works are in the collections of the Tate-Modern Museum in London, the Brooklyn Museum, the Jewish Museum in New York and Frankfurt, the Tel Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum, and private collections in Israel and around the world.
Gilad will conduct short workshops for photography, and lectures about the development of photography in the medium with a reflective look at his works.

Gilad Ophir

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