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Tal Yerushalmi is an Israeli painter, working in Tel Aviv.
Tal paintings draw inspiration from Israel’s archeology, plants, animals, and landscapes. Her Paintings present an endless battle between the illusion that stands at the base of a figurative painting, and the constant attempt to expose it and dismantle it. By cutting and burning the paintings she finds new images and painting methods.
Tal received her MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. She is the recipient of numerous prizes and grants, including the Bezalel MFA Residency (2019-20), Ministry of Culture Creative Encouragement Award (2018), Lottery Council for Arts Support for production of a catalog (2016), Artist-Teacher scholarship (2007-2008), Rich Foundation scholarship (2005). Her works have been featured in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions. Tal’s work is held in various art Collections both in Israel and abroad.

Tal Yerushalmi

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