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A Treatment Time | Cabri Gallery, Galilee

Through three visual perspectives, "A Treatment Time" examines the metaphorical healing of individual and communal wounds, tracing internal and exterior spaces, psychological and ideological spaces, and man's relationship with nature and himself.

Through landscaping and the floral picture, each artist illustrates a distinct phase of the healing process, including the recreation of traumatic memories, dressing, watering, and regaining independence. Sahar Miari created a site-specific installation that extends both within and beyond the gallery, similar to the creation of organs that eventually permeate the interior space. Orna and Lior display paintings created for the exhibition, as well as one painted during installation.

Artists: Orna Oren Izraeli, Saher Miari and Leor Steiner

Graphic Design: Ashraf Fawakhry

Video: Yariv Dagan

Still photography: Hadar Saifan Gallery Curator: Tamar Horvitz Livne

Hanging: Kobi Siboni

"A Treatment Time" Catalogue
Download PDF • 1.67MB

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