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Desert | Beresheet Hotel, Mitzpe Ramon

The exhibition 'Desert' is the first of its kind to be displayed in the desert settings of the Beresheet Hotel. It takes visitors on a journey through ancient landscapes using artworks created specifically for display. This is a journey to learn about desert sounds, materials, time, and the history of the place. The artworks emphasize the interaction of nature's interrelated parts, including the sky, sand, stars, rocks, and all life forms. The use of rock, either as a raw material or as a base for the sculptures, creates a connection between the artworks and the desert.

Given what is known about Ramon Crater's history, the exhibition addresses the desert not only as a place but also as an idea. It is also relevant to our times. It depicts the connections between selfie culture and the desert landscape, ancient literature and contemporary rock coating processes, traditional art-making techniques such as copper embossing and Japanese metalworks that connect metal to the ground, and so on.

Participating artists: Bat El Elfasi, Enatnesh Yallow Gal Finkelstein, Evgenia Kirshtein, Sima Levin, Avner Levinson, Ella Littwitz, Merav Rahat, Keren Rosen, Noa Sheizaf, Avner Sher, Ariela Wertheimer, Nobuya Yamaguchi.

Photography: Guy Yehiely

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