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Art Collection | Orient Hotel, Jeruzalem

Curated and purchased an entire Israeli contemporary art collection for the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem, that is displayed as a permanent exhibition all over the public spaces.

The art collection is dedicated to reflecting the historical strata that form the archeology of its unique location. These fascinating layers of destruction and construction, which have defined the German Colony of Jerusalem, include the 19th century Templer school buildings that are now part of the Orient Jerusalem Hotel. The Orient Jerusalem Hotel is located in a compound formed by two Templer school buildings, which themselves have undergone many historical upheavals. In conceiving this Art Collection, my goal was to conceptualize the archaeological strata that have an intangible presence in this place, essentially constructing archaeological memory through art. Many of the works exhibited in the Heritage buildings, the original school buildings, reflect this goal, from the feeling of cracked earth in the sculptural woodwork of Gal Weinstein, through the almost nostalgic photography of David Adika, which hints at Middle Eastern culture, and Amir Yatziv's x-rays of Crusader houses in the Jerusalem area, which are based on topography, to Bar From's sculptures, and the maps created by Talia Yemini.

Orient Art Collection
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