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Unveiling Human Echoes - Ras Al Khaimah Art 24

A Contemporary Art Exhibition in Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village, Ras Al Khaimah Art 2024

In a groundbreaking move, the international contemporary art exhibition, "Unveiling Human Echoes," is making its debut in the beautifully renovated old Souq area of Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village. The exhibition spans 12 historic shops and public spaces, specially refurbished for this momentous occasion. Aligned with the overarching theme of the festival, "in motion," the event marks the initiation of a new decade for the Art Festival, steering towards a contemporary art trajectory featuring video art, multi-media installations, monumental outdoor sculptures, and paintings.

The exhibition features 16 artists, including global luminaries such as Italian-Senegalese multi-media artist Maimouna Guerresi, acclaimed Turkish video and photography artist Erkan Özgen, the renowned video artists and performers Shahar Marcus & Nezaket Etiki who show together 3 artworks, the famous Israeli painter Khen Shish and the Architect and Artist Avner Sher who present an astonishing 10 Cork made Obelisks installation at the entrance of the Souq area.

"Unveiling Human Echoes" delves into the intricacies of the human experience, exploring interactions and movements within the context of planet Earth. It scrutinizes the myriad facets of human existence: from gender experiences to social and cultural dimensions, spiritual aspects, and the complexities of self-aware creatures possessing free will, navigating the realms of greatness and sorrow. The exhibition aspires to offer a profound artistic encounter, taking visitors on a poignant "Human Condition" journey, encapsulating the highs and lows of our earthly sojourn. In these challenging times for humanity, the exhibition serves as a call to "heal" and reflect on our shared human experience.

Curated by the distinguished international researcher and curator, Mr. Sharon Toval, the exhibition strategically positions the souq as a vibrant marketplace—a crossroads of cultural and economic exchanges.

Participating Artists:

Maimouna Guerresi, Erkan Özgen, Shahar Marcus, Nezaket Ekici, Khen Shish, Eyal Assulin, Ruth Patir, Shay Id Alony, Ariela Wertheimer, Avner Sher, Maayan Shahar, Chanchal Banga, Moran Asraf, Ophira Spitz, Nir J. Younessi, and Iris Hassid. Photography: Avi Spitz

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