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Virtual Eruption | The Spaceship TLV & Teto Projects, Amsterdam

An International experimental art project, involving young Israeli and Dutch artists. The project examined the boundaries and feasibility of art created in the virtual world.

This concept sheds light on two types of otherness; a familiar other that stands chance to be assimilated, integrated or even invited to a particular group and a second, completely other, a radical idea of the other as a conceptual foe. With the rise of virtual communication and the development of networks that construct new frameworks for human interaction, it seems that we are at a time where Derrida's "tout autre" is seeming to be eliminated. The nature of the Internet means that every individual holds a possibility to "befriend" and connect with either acquaintances or absolute strangers. As such, every stranger is a familiar other that can be affiliated and identified with. Yet, networks form an easy framework through which to keep one's connections remote. Ignoring, blocking, or shutting programs down is the new human relations 'cold war'; easily shifting the familiar to a newly acquired status of a "complete other”. The works exhibited have all been made under the constraints and struggle originating in the use of a network system among the artists. They denote the mental struggle of individuals facing familiarity with strangers and the risk of achieving alienation while aspiring to establish collaboration. The works thus stand as a test between two individuals. The resulting objects and images are those of a constant query between two subjects. One could find linear considerations from one to another; a line that can be disturbed by the viewers, who literally and conceptually interfere with dialogue. The personal distress experienced by each of the individuals in the artist pairs urged them to conduct a personal investigation in an attempt to shake off their comfort zone and achieve materialism - a translation from virtual to physical and its installation in space. It is said often the world is shrinking and that time has less and less effect on geographical distances. Our cultural codes are transformed into hitting fingers on keyboards, attaching, sending, receiving, and quickly reacting. Two main questions arise from the practice and exhibited pieces; With the completion of the works - what types of "others" are ultimately found? Once the works are installed in the space, do they maintain any of their virtual properties?

Artists: Barak Brinker, Maurits De Bruijn, Viktorija Medvedeva, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Liran Tal, Idit Yemini. The philosopher Jacques Derrida coined the notion of "Tout autre est tout autre" (Every other is completely other). Curators: Re'em Aharoni and Sharon Toval.

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