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When the Planet Spins Out | Carmel Forest Spa Resort

Ecology, nature, and environmental protection express an idea that has evolved into an ideology and has become a necessity in recent years. As humans, who are inextricably linked to the Earth, we are coming to recognize that environmental changes have their own inertia. Changes in our perception of our relationship to the earth can be instilled through education, ecological culture awareness, and art. This group exhibition features works by cutting-edge Israeli artists and the Carmel Forest Spa resort staff. The artworks displayed aim to investigate the relationship between the environment and humans and to take one tiny step toward raising awareness. Participating artists: Roie Avidan and Maya Gelfman, Guy Avital, Studio Magenta – Ronen Bavly, Uriel H. Caspi, Eti Gadish, Michal Geva, Maskit Golan, Dana Harel, De Lange, Netta Laufer, Oren Martan, Sharon Murro, Alina Orlov, Daniel Philosoph, Michel Platnic, Rotem Reshef, Ronen Sharabani, Khen Shish, Guy Shoham, Jonathan Silverman, Ophira Spitz, Shlomi Yosef.

Photography: Guy Yehiely Thanks to: Ronen Efraim – Carmel Forest Spa resort's Chef, Nagy Halabi and Said Halabi - Carmel Forest Spa resort's Garden designers, the Carmel Forest Spa department.

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