FAD MAGAZINE | Q&A With Sharon Toval curator and creator of the Digi-Arts Incubator


Born in Tel Aviv and educated in Toulouse, France, Sharon Toval is an independent contemporary art curator. Currenty he is simultaneously consumed by his completion of a thesis for a master’s degree in Policy and and Theory of Arts at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and constructing the digital incubator- Digi Art. An exceptionally groundbreaking intiative of the Royal Beach Hotel to protmote young Israeli Digital Artists, this digital art project is a state of the art addition to the Isrotel chain’s range of activities which aims at advancing Israeli art and culture. AND! On the 5th of February @ The Royal Beach Hotel, organized by Toval himself, the Animation Film Festival is launching! Although insanely immersed in his prospering artistic endeavours, he took the time out to answer some questions for FAD

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