Jonathan Levy | Suite 511

Jonathan Levy’s solo exhibition, featuring a 35-minute dual-screen video, was launched on the 22’nd of March 2018 in Suite 511 of the Royal Beach Tel-Aviv Hotel.

“The Thing Itself” is Jonathan Levy’s new video work to be screened during his exhibition, “Suite 511”. The video was shot during one full night in suite 511 at the Royal Beach Tel Aviv Hotel, with Ofri Zusmann, a young woman with whom he exchanged reflections about life, expectations, triumphs, disappointments, and experiences that tie them to their respective status in Israel of today. The storyline is simple: An older man meets a much younger woman in a hotel suite. They stage scenes for the camera, during which a fascinating dialog develops. Jonathan follows her lead, as if not directing the discussion, but carefully and religiously opening thematic and challenging doorways for them both.

A video is a reflexive act on Levy’s photographic and cinematic oeuvre, taking it further than “According to Accepted Conventions” that was shown three years ago in the final exhibition of the Postgraduate Fine Art Program at Hamidrasha. “The Thing Itself” is comprised of several planned scenes that were conceived by Jonathan and Ofri in several earlier sessions. These scenarios offer a loose framework for the protagonists to act in, allowing Jonathan to examine the boundaries of acting and to uncover cracks in which a generous space is left for improvisation resulting in intriguing encounters.

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