Itay Zalait | Fresh Paint tenth Art Fair

The Ego Show

is the new solo show of the multi- disciplinary artist, Itay Zalait, curated for Tel Aviv Art Fair on April 26th. Itay will present its new series of works, contemporary neo pop-art style, sculptural installations , some of them inspired by its latest activist actions in the public places of tel-Aviv.

Itay uses humor and sarcasm to point out automatic, absurd and unaware aspects dealing with the freedom of choice. Materialism is at the heart of Zalait's work. He goes “hunting” for objects such as discarded toys and pieces of wood, and they provide the raw materials for his next project. The process in the studio is one of going over, and flirting with these materials until a spark of inspiration ignites a new work of art. Zalait often cuts, brakes, deforms, and burns his materials in order to test the boundaries of familiar objects. The way he sees it, this process creates a new order that is an implementation of freedom of choice. The process of searching is integral to the work of an artist. Zalait searches for materials which have their own history embedded within them, and he facilitates their transition into a new stage of existence. The process of searching has been an important element in Zalait's personal life as well, and not just in his artwork. A search for the real and authentic among a sea of falseness and fraud, and a search for freedom of choice within them. This essence is reflected in Zalait's work of art, creating a space where in a blink of an eye the observer receives a perspective on our crooked existence, and moreover, of the alternate truth available out there.

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