I n i t i a t i o n- Inaugural Performance Thursday July 2nd | 8pm | The Lab

"I N I T I A T I O N" - | The Lab | Herzl 119

As an opening premiere for the new art research cooperative taking place at The Lab, consisting of 14 artists, a one-off performance will be held that night, in conjunction with The Lab's artists. All players including the audience participate. The exhibition will raise existential questions about the complexity and contrasts of the art field, its necessity, its functions and its status in our lives. The performance draws inspiration from two initiation ceremonies: the first took place in the late 1960s at the Kusthalle Bern Museum, in an exhibition curated by one of the West's greatest curators, Herald Szeemann, "When Attitudes become form." Artist Michael Heizer, who broke the museum's sidewalks on the opening night, created raw materials used by some other participating artists. The second initiation ceremony has been held for hundreds of years in the Sambia tribe in Papua New Guinea, an initiation ceremony involving pain and suffering endured by deep engraving on the young men backs similar to the marks on the back of the alligator, symbolizing to them power and readiness to become adult men. You are more than welcome to attend. Entering the lab space is a taxi in compliance with the Ministry of Health guidelines as of that day. Thursday 02.07 at 20:00 | Herzl 119.

Artists: Avner Sher | Shira Gepstein Moshkovich |Gil Desiano Biton | Nir Shitrit | Eyal Segal | Yoram Chisin | Inbal Marie Cohen | Evgeny Merman | Yael Bronner Rubin | Moran Asraf | Dan Allon | Yoav Brener | Maskit Golan | Rotem Reshef Curator: Sharon Toval Curator Assistant : Roni Ben-Tovim Invitation designer: Yael Bronner Robin Photography from yesterday rehearsals: Eyal Segal Video Shooting by Studio KEENEST

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