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The exhibition "A Treatment Time" deals with the metaphorical healing process of individual and collective wounds through three visual intertwined perspectives, tracing internal and external spaces, between psychological and ideological spaces, and man's relationship to nature and himself.

The artists each offer a different stage in the healing process, a kind of tube leading from one place to another, through landscaping and the flower image, simulating the traumatic memory, dressing, watering, and going out into freedom. The exhibition consists of a site-specific installation that Sahar Miari built from building materials that integrate into the structure of the gallery and outside it, a kind of building organs as body organs, which gradually enter the inner space. Orna and Lior present a selection of paintings made for the exhibition itself, including a wall painting made during the week of construction.

In his work, Saher deals with the processes of destruction and construction, as an act of disguising history by rebuilding, and raises questions about the politicization of the local landscape. Through gardening, Lior treats pain, represented by the flower tattoos on the skin of the heroines, headless or faceless, both frozen, etched from memories of pain.

Artists: Orna Oren Izraeli, Leor Steiner and Saher Miari Curator: Sharon Toval Gallery Curator: Tamar Horvitz Livne Hanging: Kobi Siboni Graphic Design: Ashraf Fawakhry Still photography: Hadar Saifan Video by: Yariv Dagan

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