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Ahia Canna | I hate Ceramics, I love Ceramics" | Opening 02.03.23

טקטס אוצרות אחיה כנה - אני אוהב קרמיקה אני שונא קרמיקה - במעבדה
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Ahia Canna, an artist and researcher of ceramic material, deals with the dichotomy between the definition of his work as an artist and the perception of ceramic material as a craft. Does the historical friction between craft and art remain?

Unburned ceramic balls, hanging from the ceiling of The Lab, are unbalanced, threatening to fall from the dryness of their materiality. Engraved inside them is the title of the exhibition, which will only be revealed by breaking them. Masses of small ceramic balls take on the shape of the outline of Ahia's body cut on a flat wooden plate alongside a reverse video work in which the artist is seen breaking a pottery vessel he created.

Destruction, alongside creation, the materiality of time, and frustration in an endless loop... all these and other dyadic contrasts, make up the research question of the exhibition.

Photo's: Ahia Canna


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