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Amir Rozei | Here and There in Israel|

טקסט אוצרות אמיר רוזיי במעבדה
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The exhibition by Amir Rozei presents a surrealistic landscape that refers to Israeli identity and the surrealistic reality in which we live. We enter the installation through a giant matches forest and straight into an igloo constructed of sandbags. The landscape is complemented by sheep made of recycled solar panels standing on a striped rug. Amid fragments and convergence on the brink of collapse, the installation leaves questions about the connection to place and the relationship to the land.

Amir utilizes art as a tool for artistic engagement with the Israeli surrealistic reality. He uses materials and objects to convey abstract ideas and create a new reality. His series of objects, titled "Eretz Israel" (Land of Israel), serves a functional purpose while simultaneously addressing the collective Israeli narrative in its historical, political, and cultural contexts. Rozei approaches "surrealism" in design, employing various mediums.


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