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Avinoam Sternheim | Everything Has a Context | Opening March 14th, 2024

The word "context" attempts to bridge thematical spaces. It's like an intermediary state or a gray area. Therefore, it's abstract, often devoid of meaning except when attached to such or another thematical cloud. In this installation, Avinoam explores that same intermediary state.

It's a sentence containing an existential dialectic: on the one hand, it arouses curiosity, and on the other hand, it has no real significance. It's a hollow verbal fragment connecting to the prevailing social emptiness in the world, aimless, purposeless, spoken through slogans or the language of social media that has long become the language of politicians and rulers. Avinoam connects these territories to the world of art, to purposeless activity, to the endless recurrence of ideas and research that often culminates in a single slogan. Art in its general sense contains the same existential dialectic: it's here, it's present, and often seems impactful, yet mostly it remains hollow, devoid of meaning to change the world. Why invest hundreds of hours in creating an exhibition or a complex sculptural installation? On the one hand, artistic endeavor fulfills and satisfies, and on the other hand, it empties and frustrates. So why continue to create?

Photography: Avinoam Sternheim

in Hebrew:

לכל דבר יש הקשר - אבינועם שטרנהיים במעבדה
Download PDF • 120KB

טקסט אמן - אבינועם שטרנהיים
Download PDF • 91KB


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