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Lili Cohen Prah-Ya | RESPIRA

RESPIRA is captivating both for its artistic multi-disciplinary approach and its emotional depth.

For the first time, painter Lili Cohen Prah-Ya deconstructs her painting into its elements: substrate, material, and form, creating an installation that simulates entry into a forbidden space.

This deconstruction allows her to examine, and perhaps come to terms with, painful chapters in her personal life. The innovation in using paper as a sculptural medium, coupled with a poetic and emotional beauty that penetrates deeply, and depictions of monsters set against an abstract floral background on crumpled paper, will draw you into an immersive experience that is both painful and inspiring.

Photography: Lili Cohen Prah-Ya

טקסט אוצרות - תנשמי - לילי כהן פרח יה
Download PDF • 91KB


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