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Oleg Babich | Tender Beast|

When we come to examine the experimental aspects of art, they have various facets that illuminate the usually amorphous space. Thinking about experimentation in art is similar to asking, "What is art?" Do the representations in the Lab turn the actions into experiments? Does the use of multiple mediums affect the perception and degree of experimentation? Or does the emphasis on the process and the incomplete representations—at least conceptually—strengthen artistic experimentation? Is it enough to do something differently to be considered "experimental"? Or does it require the artist's intention?

Oleg Babich, an artist, illustrator, creative director, and comic book writer, challenges the realm of experimental issues and presents a complex installation born from a series of illustrations recently published in his book "Tender Beast." Its placement explores the meanings of human existence, among other things, delving into our thoughts on that "human naivety" that has faded over time. At what point did humanity go astray and arrive at the current existential distortion? Is it a distortion?

Oleg Babich - Hebrew Curatorial text
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