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On Show till 25.02.23 | Ronit Mirsky | Tonus

Tonus by Ronit Mirsky - The Lab - Curatorial text
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"Tonus" is Ronit Mirsky's expression for describing the world of "special parents" of a disabled child. The concern and perseverance in complex treatments, happiness, and accomplishments intertwined with feelings of social isolation, disappointment, and failure are the basis of Ronit's daily routine. Ronit tells us about her son Johnny, a six-year-old kid with Down syndrome.

Entering the installation feels like entering the children's public playground. When you decide to utilize the facilities, you will find that they are inoperable mimicking the physical limitations of a disabled child. "Tonus" is a call for social inclusion both for disabled children and their parents.

Photo's: Ronit Mirsky, Yinon Kalfon


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