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Nir Jacob Younessi | Particle

The interactive sound installation "Particle" consists of three different installations: "Mirror" a video projection in which the viewer throws himself and activates an entire digital world from the shadow he creates, "Fountain" from which visitors will play various sounds, touching the different heights of the flowing waterfall, and "Vibrations" that activate pigments according to the viewer's touch.

Nir brings the world of sound engineering into contemporary art and in doing so joins leading world artists in the field such as Tarek Atoui or Yuri Suzuki. Unlike sound works which activates only the sense of hearing, here the visitor is asked to activate complex mechanisms to listen to the sound which he too can control in different ways. In fact, it is a technological development that produces sound control, similar to the act of photography as a documentary product of a number of actions and placement in space.

Younessi is a classical musician, composer and multidisciplinary sound artist who works in the digital worlds and lives them as a painter breathes the scents of color. Nir engineers the sound using programming, operating sensors and does not miss the use of materials from the existing in favor of operating his works. He strongly believes in the interactivity of the audience and sharing the experiences for their fulfillment. His works were performed in the theaters, circus and contemporary art venues.


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