Treatment Time - A group exhibition at the Cabri Gallery for Contemporary Art

The group exhibition "Treatment Time" deals with the metaphorical healing process of individual and collective wounds through three visual perspectives of the participating artists. More generally it traces internal and external psychological and ideological wounds of human kind and nature. The artists offer a different stage in the healing process, a kind of streaming pipeline that leads from the traumatic memory to the dressing, watering and going out into freedom. The exhibition consists of a site specific work that Sahar Miari built from construction materials which integrates into the structure of the gallery and outside of it, a kind of building organs as body organs, which gradually enter the inner space. Orna Oren Izraeli and Leeor Shtainer present a selection of paintings made for the exhibition , including wall works painted during the week of setting-up.

Participating artists: Leeor Shtainer, Orna Oren Izraeli, Saher Miari. Photography: Hadar Saifan.

installation view Leeor Shtainer (left) and Orna Oren Izraeli ( right)

Composition of small drawing expressing body movements of gardening by Orna Oren Izraeli

Installation view: Saher Miari (concrete pillars ), painting (right) by Leeor Shtainer

Installation view: Saher Miari (plastic pipes ), wall painting (right) by Leeor Shtainer

Installation view: Saher Miari (plastic pipes penetrating wall and floor)

Installation view: Orna Oren Izraeli (paintings on dismantled parquets installed in the gallery patio)

Installation view: Orna Oren Izraeli (stones wrapped with knitted fabrics taken from home and family)

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