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Yossi Bloch | Long Shot

Curatorial Text - Long Shot - Yossi Bloch
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"Long Shot" is a reflective cinematic video installation that breaks down the different narratives from an event that has become "iconic" in the media and allows each visitor to construct new probable scenarios through a "guided" viewing route. Yossi Bloch, director and documentary artist ("Ivan the Terrible" on Netflix, 2019; "Silicon Valley," 2013), examines how a linear event can be taken and broken down, allowing the audience to build much more open narratives relevant to possible scenarios in current politics through the specific case of Elor Azaria. This is, of course, a direct criticism of guided media and our role as passive receptive elements. At the same time, this is a reflection on a new era of exposing corruption in the media, in which movies play a key role in showing how corrupt practices work.

Curator: Reut Barnea Curatorial Advisor: Sharon Toval

Photography: Merav Rahat, Yossi Bloch


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