Sharon Toval

Researcher and Independent Contemporary art curator

My story

Allow me to introduce myself: I am an independent art curator, based in Tel Aviv, but Earth is my real office space. I study, research, analyze, develop and create. Within the cracks all around us, I fill spaces with innovative thinking, unconventional curating, and ways to build new appealing experiences for the audience.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Policy and Theory of the Arts at the most prestigious art academy in Israel: the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. I spent a year of museology studies at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where my mentor was the Head Curator Yigal Zalmona.

For the last couple of years, I own and curate The Lab, one of the only art spaces dedicated to experimenting with art, its boundaries, definitions, concepts, and visual outcomes. I research with 12 artists a year in The Lab, rotating every year. You can see most of The Lab projects in the HOME section.

Raised in France and Israel and enjoying multi-culturalism as my self-identity, my scope of understanding the world of art and its nature is broad and unlimited. Since I travel frequently both professionally and personally, the art I see, curate, and experience around the world is the only dwelling I could wish for myself.

My vision is to build artistic bridges that will overcome the sociopolitical and geographical crises we are facing in this new era of the 21st century’s first decades. We human beings are all the same. We all seek unique artistic ways to express joy, sadness, hope, and belonging. My mission is to create this cultural visual prism.

I am convinced that humanity can cross all bridges because it is one entity that politics, religion, and beliefs wish to separate but which art can and will unite.