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Miriam is living and working both in New-York and Tel-Aviv. She is painting through performances, using a distinctive "slow action painting" technique. The paintings are made with diluted, monochromatic oil colors on large formats made of Masonite, linen canvases or various metals. The image is formed using her own body, while kneading, caressing or crawling onto the painting, or by using instruments like cups, garbage cans, used sheets and combs. The outcome may be elusively figurative, but is mostly abstract.
Miriam participated in Venice Biennale in 1997, showing at the Israeli pavilion with Sigalit Landau and Yossi Breger. She showed in many and important solo exhibitions around the world and received important art prices during her years of creation.

During her stay at the AFAR residency, Miriam performed around one of the only Eucalyptus trees that survived the big fire in the region a few years ago. She was documented skillfully by Adi Tarkay, both with a Polaroid and black and white photography.

Miriam Cabessa

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