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INITIATION - A Guerilla Performance at The Lab

"INITIATION" - | The performance | The Lab | Herzl 119

"Follow me!", With these words, the visitors of the recent "Initiation" exhibition at the Herzl 119 Laboratory were received. The atmosphere was tense, dark, all in black, the Ministry of Health guidelines only contributed to the move. "You will stand here!", I said to each guest who was led to a marked observation post, from which he could observe one or two artists, and move from one observation post to another, only after it had been vacated. The restriction of movement has created uncertainty that symbolizes the new age in which we live: uncertainty as certainty. What is the "initiation" performance? 10 of the 14 artists in the new research cooperative I manage, work like busy bees, in a metaphysical ecstatic trance. Engrave, burn, carve and dig the walls that have passed from a display substrate to a raw material for creation. The walls, floor, columns and niches are the canvas. The material, which receives the act of art, is burned by the artists as a physical tattoo. They engrave their bodies, their hearts, and shape their cry to the world; A clean, painful, scratchy, morbid scream. This is what the world looks like when it's on the brink of an abyss. Each artist referred to his personal biographical condition on the one hand, and his status as an artist in an art field dying, wounded and perhaps on the verge of dying, on the other. Each artist brought in his own way the personal light used for him to anchor and grip life in the move.

Participating artists: Moran Asraf | Gil Desiano Bitton |Yoav Brenner | Yoram Chisin | Inbal Marie Cohen | Maskit Golan | Evgeny Merman | Shira Gepstein Moshkovich | Yael Bronner Robin | Avner Sher | Nir Shitrit Assistant curator: Roni Ben Tovim Graphic design: Yael Bronner Robin Photography and VIdeo : Keenest Productions.

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