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The Lab | המַעבָּדָה 

The Lab is a non-profit association for experimental art and culture (R.A), dedicated to research and limitless art experimentation. It serves as an innovative artistic center, striving for fertile creation of emerging artists. The Lab structure is a cross between an artist collective and an art venue. Every year, a professional jury selects eleven artists to participate. They get the opportunity to create and show in the experimental art space in Tel Aviv. Indulging in a process of research and conceptual development, they deviate from their usual practice.  

 Being an avant-garde environment, freedom of expression and unconditional creation are key values. The near complete freedom presented to the artists is very evident in the outcome of the process, the presented works. The Lab, located at Herzl Street 119, is open on Friday and Saturday, from 11 pm to 14 am.

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