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Maskit Golan | Gardening the Self

"Gardening the Self", the new solo show of Maskit Golan

Maskit GOlan is one of the youngest artists in The Lab program. A graduate of the photography department from the Minshar School of Art, Maskit, will present a multimedia installation on which she has been working for the past year.

She created a conceptual garden, which she planted as part of a thought-physical process, long, brave and deep, personal and very unusual in her work. In her exhibtion she explores worlds of memory, life and death, spiritual and material existential spaces, and the encounters between them. All this through a sophisticated conceptual similitude between the plants and intimate family relationships.

The Lab will open for four weekends, starting next weekend and will present the exhibition on Fridays-Saturdays between 11:00 - 14:00. No opening event.

The exhibition will run from 29.01 to 20.02.


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