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"Letter of Release" is the product of Moran's research to observe and reflect on herself, starting with thoughts about a traumatic event from which she began the big change in her life: living. This is perhaps one of the more significant moves in her artistic endeavor, not because she has not exhibited solo exhibitions in the past, but because that “letter” closes a very deep emotional circle.

In a multi-media installation, Moran conceivably perceives the exit from reality and matter to light, from the material and the reality to freedom. Exit from the language to the abstraction in which there is an infinite state of buoyancy.

The exhibition will feature, among other things, a new, abstract video work, which raises the material to a level of infinite light, spreading and shrinking until it dissolves. There is a kind of "resuscitation" of the injured and painful body in the video. The sound was composed by Nir Jacob Younessi and is based on Moran's heartbeat. Documents from the same event will also be displayed, as well as documentation of the performance that took place at the venue.

Photography: Avi Golran, Sharon Toval Video : Shani Avivi Animation: Sound: Nir Jacob Younessi

Performance "A release Letter" by Moran Asraf

Installation view - detail (Sharon Toval)

Installation view - the exhibition

Opening event

Installation view - details

Installation view detail


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