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Eyal Segal | Line in the Sand

The discourse of Eyal Segal video installation takes place on several levels: the Israeli Culture, the socio-political and existential status, between life and death between heaven and earth. The works generate a game that moves between the thematic and perceptual line or boundary.

Eyal chose various genres in the field of video. "Moses" a short documentary, which traces an Israeli character from the Hatikva neighborhood, a kind of "Salah Shabati" post-hero, who spends his time searching for treasures lost under the sand off the coast of Israel. A kind of fantasy detector that presents us with a socio-political mirror, Israel as a utopian or realistic fiction? Two other videos connect the puzzle between "Moses" and "A prayer for Addis": the first is "Loop in the Sky ", which shows a fabric loop hanging from a crane at a construction site, flying without gravity, and the second "Once there was a grave here", a performative documentation of two figures, a history that is about to disappear under new buildings that will be placed on it.

The work "Prayer in Addis", which is a kind of barometer of the other works, envelops them in a mystical religious aura and adds to the socio-ethnic dimension of the installation. Photography: Yotam Frum


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