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The Lab 2020 in 4 Minutes

The year 2020 is a rare and very special year, it is a year in which existence presented us with a mirror which reflected ourselves: the good, the bad, the status to which all humanity has reached. It is a year that has allowed a lot, for all those who knew how to take their free time, think and create something. It is a year in which there was a separation between the holographic reality, the one that reads outside, and the one that exists within us, the subjective reality. It is an important year because it is the beginning of an evolutionary process that only in a few decades we may understand, if at all. Wishing us to continue changing, developing, creating, blessing and all the best.

The Lab did not stop for a moment whether inside or outside of it. Here are five minutes from a fruitful year of doing.

Wishing you a great 2021. Happy New Year.


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