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Evgeny Merman | Brotherhood

"Brotherhood" - | The Lab | Herzl 119

Evgeny Merman has been working for two months on a new site-specific painting installation. For the first time, he made use of tailor-made fabrics for the small niches of The Lab space. "BROTHERHOOD" is the name of the installation that will open next week for viewing. Evgeny's artistic research ranges from masculinity to the concept of brotherhood, but not in opposition to femininity, but as an independent human experience. The use of glowing spray paint, as part of long, thick brush strokes of oil and acrylic, highlights but also injures the images. The painted figures hold a knife in hand. Is the knife presence is for any protective purpose or is it just symbolic? As the sword behind the back of "Nimrod" sculpture, by Itzhak Danziger, here, too, the visible knife has symbolic meaning, as a metaphor for the male "hunter" spirit, which still exists in its modern role for connection and brotherhood.

Evgeny Merman was born in Ukraine, where he grew up and attended the art school of Kiev. Following his video art studies at a visual arts school in New York, he moved to Hong Kong, where he spent several years.

He currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv. His Neo-expressionist paintings, in a colorful way, challenge the viewer's senses, both in terms of content, fleshy textures, and intense colors. Evgeny is represented by several galleries in Hong Kong, Moscow and New York. His works are in important museum collections.

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