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Rotem Reshef | A Heartfelt Event

"A Heartfelt Event | The Lab | Herzl 119

Rotem Reshef, a multidisciplinary artist and a member of The Lab's group of artists, opens an multi-media installation that traces the connections between the worlds of abstraction and spirituality and the core of Israeli reality. A "heartfelt event" invites to convene the personal and intimate experience of visitors and the north of their hearts, with their public, external heartbeats, as part of society and people, some of the powerful, social, political, health, economic, and other processes that take place nowadays.

The metaphorical heart-like installation offers a supersensible experience through lighting, sound and monumental paintings. Reshef recorded the demonstrators' cries and the sounds of thunderous drums on Balfour Street in Jerusalem, voices of protest and anger but also of hope, and brought them into the heart rooms of the installation. Its organs encrypt secrets and engulf feelings, yet they also invite the audience to feel the beats of time and the history happening right now. The "green lung" that surrounds the "chambers of the heart and its atria" allows for respite and space to reflect and offers the possibility of repair and recovery at the end of the process.

Installation View - Photography by Avi Amsalem

Here's a very explicit video filmed by Avi Amsalem onsite:


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