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Lida Sharet Massad | Versing newspaper words

Lida Sharet Massad unveils the culmination of her experimental exploration through a multi-dimensional kinetic installation, delving into the intricate realms of longing and fantasy within the boundaries of sculpture, movement, attire, and the corporeal form. These kinetic sculptures, crafted from translucent paper, engage in graceful motion, mirroring the essence of flight while remaining tethered to the earthly plane. This grounded approach intricately weaves an awareness of the human body's inherent constraints. Complementing the mechanical ballet, Nir Jacob Younessi has orchestrated a bespoke auditory composition, encapsulating the nuanced gestures and movements exhibited by Lida. Photography: Eli Gross - Keren Or Studios

להלחין פרוזה מעיתון - לידה שרת מסד
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