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Shira Gepstein & Shai Azoulay | "People, wolf, eagles, willow weeping and a Donkey"

As part of The Lab experiments, painter, writer and teacher Yair Garbuz will guide the group of artists around painting exercises that examine aspects of the medium and pictorial language. The experiment will take place as a performance in which the painters will receive the participants, instructions written by Shai Azoulay, Shira Gepstein and Yair Garbuz. All the experiments results are a marking of a new thing, of a different horizon or implicit potential, to be displayed during the exhibiting period in The Lab.

The aim of this artistic experiment is to examine the tension between cohesive work processes and randomness and spontaneity. How can verbal humor affect the pictorial way? Does pictorial language bind the artist from a new and evolving work? The purpose is to bring the familiar and the known together with the unknown, and the unconscious, through a new pictorial place where anything is possible. Disruption and intervention, loss of control as a means of refreshment and renewal, creation of new pictorial potentials.

Participating artists: Zoya Cherkassky, Amit Cabessa, Khen Shish, Shai Azoulay and Shira Gepstein. Headed by: Yair Garbuz

Sharon Toval: The Lab Curator

Video: Daniel Hanoch

Photography: Gil Desiano Bitton

Lighting : Eviatar Toker

Sound: Nir Jacob Younessi

Assistant: Hagar Shoam


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