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Roni Ben Porat | RESET

The multi-media installation "RESET" explores visual abstraction and offers a minimalist architectural and alternative space. Roni Ben Porat transformed The Lab space into a bright, hazy white "place - Nonplace", in which she created retreat corners, experiential lingering. Visitors are invited to stay in it without expectation. The newly transformed space is an expression of an artistic act without aesthetic artifacts.

Roni Ben Porat rebuilt the laboratory space and turns it into a bright, hazy white aisle space, built by structures that allow the audience to sit, stare, listen to the immersive frequencies that the sound created by artist Nir Jacob Younessi put together in honor of the new installation. Ben Porat is fulfilling an artistic fantasy, which only The Lab laboratory could afford to realize. The installation is an illustration of the artist's thoughts on boundaries, on the body ,and its expressive movements in white silence. The contrast between movement and freezing functions as a mirror that reflects the visitors their soul, their own ability to stare and simply be.

Roni raises questions about herself and her status in the art world. In general sh,e wants to present us with a mirror and to ask about the state of humanity in a world that is changing at a dizzying pace and losing its human values. Will we be able to instill our human values ​​into the artificial intelligence that transcends our education? RESET invites us all to meditation, staring, lingering, and thinking about ourselves and mother earth.

Photography: Roni Ben Porat, Yoav Brener, Doron Oved, Sharon Toval To the Art critic published in Haaretz / Galerya art and culture publication (Hebrew): CLICK HERE

installation view (by Doron Oved)

Installation view by Doron Oved

Installation view by Doron Oved

installation view (by Sharon Toval)

Installation view by Doron Oved


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