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Inbal Marie Cohen | A Good Artist

Multidisciplinary artist Inbal Marie Cohen conceptually created the performative move "Good Artist" as a continuation of the subversive group performance "Apprenticeship" that took place in The Lab short before.

"A Good Artist" was inspired by everything going on in our life and the big changes in the art world. The exhibition's 30 poignant questions were printed on huge white stickers, which the artist will paste during the opening night performance and the audience of "users" will be able to add and position in the area. The questions address key levels, work-artist-viewer relationships, curator-artist-work, space-artist-work, etc. They discuss the artist's status as a wife and mother, the exhibition producers, and who creates who first—the gallery or the curator. This is a self-reflective performative installation about the artist, the art that recycles itself, and the art that asks and ponders. Key questions:

What is a good artist?

Does criticism expand the definition of art? Is a good artist also a good artist? Is a good artist also a good mother? Is a viewer of the exhibition actually observing? Can a creation exist in thought? Does exhibiting in a good space indicate the nature of the work? Is it appropriate to receive an artist's fee?

Do good artists make good galleries?

Do good curators make good artists? Should a good work be critical?


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