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Danielle Feldhaker | Random Spaces|

מרחבים בידי קוביות - דניאל פלדהקר - טקסט אוצרות
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Danielle Feldhaker invites you to embark on a captivating journey through "Random Spaces" a multi-media installation that pushes the boundaries of perception. Immerse yourself in a world where shelter spaces unfold into architectural tapestries, resonating with sound, bathed in light, and animated by movement. From the iconic sculpture by Danny Karavan to a shelter cloaked in escape blankets, accompanied by the meditative soundscapes of Nir Jacob Younessi, this exhibition transports you to an alternative reality while fostering inner reflection. Danielle creates large-scale installations that explore shelter spaces, encompassing spaces, and non-places that provide refuge, time for calmness and contemplation, until one's return to reality. She delves into the socio-political-cultural drama of the Israeli land. In this new installation, the artist has experimented with new materials alongside a cautious expression of optimism, which is atypical for her, through rays of light.

Feldhaker's installation is based on the existential perceptual spaces of Heidegger and Foucault, navigating between space and place. The iconic artwork "Bring Peace Jerusalem" by artist Dani Karavan serves as inspiration in one of the exhibits, and Feldhaker responds to it with negative material and narrative.

Migration alongside dwelling, suffering alongside joy, identity alongside erasure, convergence, and dispersal, all these contradictions coexist in her installation and stir the senses like a stormy eye."


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