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Johnathan Reiner | Becoming|

In his unique exhibition, artist and senior neurologist Johnathan Reiner delves into the intricate realm of measuring creativity within the human brain. Blurring the boundaries between empirical and spiritual, he guides us through a conceptual space resembling the brain's duality. The Lab transforms into a fusion of medical research and artistic exploration, mirroring the transitions between imagination and rationality. A video installation unveils Reiner's medical studies, while his introspective pieces adorn the other side. Reiner navigates between fields with brain scans, drawings, childhood videos, and a floral brain model. Visitors can don an electrode helmet, merging FMRI sounds with text. Upon entry, visitors engage in research via questionnaires, immersing in the captivating interplay of science and art. Photography: Daniel Hanoch

Jonhathan Reiner - Becoming - Curatorial Text
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