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Ran Slavin | Radiances

In his new exhibition "Radiances," Ran Slavin confronts us, human beings, with a mirror reflecting the turbulent era that humanity, and Israeli society, is facing. History, as written over hundreds and thousands of years, is marked by destruction and construction, rises and falls, and the disappearance of nations amidst genius and great achievements, all of which have occurred simultaneously with the continuous evolution of the concept of "society." This is a philosophical reflection in the sense of Emmanuel Levinas, who argued that "the relation to the other empties me, as a subject, into the disclosure of a new inner self-experience." "Radiant" stands at the peak of this transformative experience.

The video installation is fast-paced and restless, akin to the speed of video works and the exponential acceleration of external changes: digital, virtual, 3D, holographic, and AI. Our brains, a product of the same evolution, struggle to cope with such rapidity, resulting in leaps in cognition alongside gaps in both psychological and physical memory. The sequence of events, as we experience it, has lost all equilibrium. Is this imbalance the new balance? Is equilibrium a fiction that has now been replaced by holographic reality? How are we to cope with it? Photography: Youval Hai, Ran Slavin


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