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Self Portrait | The LAB inauguration

The Lab Opening Premiere with "Self Portait"

Finally after a few months of hard work, THE LAB is opening its doors. It is an experimental art space which will question through its projects, issues concerning art and experiments, innovation and avant-garde. Furthermore, The Lab will host a residency program for young and emerging artists, invited to experiment art - their art - for a period of one month each. The residency program of The Lab (LARP) is sponsored by Isrotel Hotels Chain, which invests a lot in Israeli contemporary art through divers art projects. In The Lab, I would like to try and break some conventions and norms of the art world, through the shows that will be exposed, challenging all the components composing the "industry" of the art the space, artwork, text, openings, transparency of doing art, the role of the curator, the artist and the aesthetic object of art. The opening exhibition is reflecting this above research. It is a project we did together with the very talented artist Michel Platnic, filmed by another super star artist Ran Slavin. I am no longer the curator but rather the object and the artist himself, but Michel is the actual artist! No Actually it's a character I took from Leigh Bowery !

Still from Video by Ran Slavin

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