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Niv Malihi | Who's this lady? - Second Intervention

"Who's this lady?"

The second intervention at The Lab that I would like to present took shape over the past four years. I have been closely following a humorous theatrical figure who is tracking issues of gender, feminism and Yemenite identity. “Who’s this lady?” examines the definition of “the artist” in the art world, its borders and location in the overall art arena and discourse. For the past few years, Niv Malihi, an actor who studied at the Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts, has created a female character with an extroverted personality, which examines the limits in a socially acceptable discourse. The character is named Aguila, an independent young woman, an urbanite, a simple young woman, somewhere between the “freicha” [“bimbo”] character in the late Ofra Haza’s song of that name and Dana International’s eccentric character. Please be our guest at the Opening.

Stills from Video: Sasha Gabrikov

Still from Video by Sasha Gabrikov

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