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Shira Gepstein & Gil Desiano Bitton | Lugas - Act n. 4

"Lugas" - Act n. 4

Following a discussion about "Hshuma" exhibition I curated last September at the Artists House Tel-Aviv, artists Shira Gepstein Moskovitz and Gil Dessiano Biton, discovered they are cousins from their maternal families. For the reunion of both families, lost in time, and for the beginning of Shira and Gil Residency period at The Lab, planned much before the discovery, we organized a Moroccan Henna Ceremony. The Lab served as a location for the ceremony, but it has its artistic function with was left to several question marks: is it a performance? or is it not? Why everything that happens in an art venue has to be connected to art? What is the definition of an artwork today at the 21st century? Is performance considered as art? Who decided so? Isn't life an art piece itself? So why do we need art?

Stills from Henna Ceremony at The Lab

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