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Tamar Sheaffer | The Lower Sun - Act n. 5

"The Lower Sun" - Act n. 5

During the month of July, Tamar Sheffer worked at The Lab at Herzl 119 on a multi-media installation as part of the Residency program. This is an experimental process that began one month ago, as part of a conceptual development and the use of new materials found during the progress of the project. The installation presented is not final and does not purport to function as an accomplished aesthetic move. The artist made use of objects that were not processed in any form, and her choice of aesthetics disunity was due to her considerations for the work. Tamar's work is conceptually thought on a large number of connections, between pieces of memory and contemporary experiences, in an attempt to create a "place" that includes the paradox between being in a "place" that contains internal logic which creates almost homely intimacy, and its functioning as a "non-place" in which the visitor loses his identity to a desire to linger and observe. Opening of the installation: Thursday, 01.08.2019 Additional opening days: Friday and Saturday 02-03.08 between 11:00 and 14:00.

Part of Tamar's installation

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