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Eitan DorShav | Zazua

Gilad Goral performing with Ethan Dor-Shav


For the Illustration week of Tel-Aviv, I invited Zazua dance, sound and drawing incubator, to perform for a series of moving experiments at The Lab. In a ZAZUA performance, a huge sheet of paper is rolled out upon the stage. Then, 30-50 minutes of interplay between painter and dancer, to the scenery of a live musician, turn the paper into an Action Portrait—a gist memory of the joint, almost Tantric, time capsule. Throughout the work the dancer treads upon the paper as the action-painter traces the dance and captures its mark. The ever ticking clock turns the performance from an improvisation to a real-time creation, and the audience from spectators to witnesses of “revelation”. participating artists:

Action painting: Ethan Dor Shav Dance: Gilad Goral, Galia Gal Srebernik, Gal Ben Haim, Liza Poterman Sound design: Nir Jacob Younessi, Gal Azoulay, Yuval Beeri, Danny Schwartz Video: Dima Napadov

Here are some photos from the different performances:

Gilad Goral with Ethan Dor Shav

Dancer Gilat Gal Srebernik

Light Installation by Lior Noy

From left to right: Gal Ben Haim, Ethan Dor Shav, Nir Jacob Younessi, Gal Azoulay and Galia Gal Srebernik.

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